r-two partnership

In 2005 we started working under the brand r-two as a partnership between a couple of airport and airline professionals. We have the unique mix of combined practical experience (60+ years) and in deep knowledge of airport and airline systems.

expertise & experience 

This expertise and experience allows us to cut through airline and airport IT complexity. This all at light speed thus quickly and effectively  serving our customers business requests and immediately deliver value and drive cost savings for our customers with innovative solutions.

designing & creating innovative airport solutions

Apart from designing, creating and producing new innovative airport solutions we are also providing global management consulting and outsourcing.

global consulting services

We have been providing global expertise and consulting services for over 13 years to airlines and airports. At r-two we understand the different business objectives and goals from your competitors. We offer a range of fully customisable consulting services on site or remotely.

Our customers overcome immediate challenges with r-two support and benefit from our international expertise. We have finalised several international projects and created solutions to address these challenges.

global network

We have a solid global network and have introduced many of our customers to our network for benchmarking but also to introduce new business opportunities.