bagchain gate now also connected to Amadeus Altea

Checking hand luggage at the gate. Fast, simple and efficient with our mobile bagchain gate kiosk. Keep full control of the boarding process. Just scan the boarding pass, the passenger’s hand luggage is checked-in and a self adhesive eezeetags bag tag is printed. All in seconds. bagchain is now also connected to the Amadeus digitalAPI (Altea DCS). See the video bagchain gate in action.

easy check-in hand luggage at the gate

check-in hand luggage at the gate has never been so easy. A breeze with the mobile bagchain gate kiosk. Since Menzies Aviation started using the bagchain gate kiosks at the H & M gates at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the boarding process flow has dramatically improved.

bagchain check-in at Maastricht Aachen Airport

bagchain is proud to be part of the Maastricht Aachen Airport “Airport Makeover” team! this weekend bagchain finalised the installation of 5 sets of the bagchain check-in solution. the latest technology including a world premier! eezeetags baggage labels at a check-in counter. the new set-up for Maastricht Handling Services will provide a fast and smooth check-in experience for their passengers. and there is more to come..


today everything and everybody in the Netherlands is coloring or wearing orange. this in celebration of our Kings birthday! so happy birthday your majesty!